StriVectin Review

      Is This a Cosmetic Breakthrough That is Better Than Botox?

Anti- Ageing Product Review

StriVectin SD

New StriVectin-SD® is that super-charged  skin repair cream for stretch marks, wrinkles and aging skin that you have been hearing about.

StriVectin is the leading wrinkle and stretch mark fighter available today. Powered with a new and improved clinical formula, you can now have even greater results.  Look younger have less wrinkles.

What is it?
StriVectin was original devolved to reduce or eliminate stretch marks. This it did with great effectiveness, but what is more is that the women who put it on their deep wrinkles found that the wrinkles were drastically reduced. This created the anti-wrinkle phenomenon of which we have all heard, and the claim, "is This Cosmetic Breakthrough Better than Botox?" StriVectin SD is now formulated with a proprietary complex of 8% NIA-114™ & Peptides Actives. This new and improved formula will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretchmarks in just 2-8 weeks. And even after that, if you keep using StriVectin our skin will continue to improve. StriVectin is the cutting of anti-wrinkle/anti-ageing science. Plus you get an awesome value; While the average jar of most anti-aging creams is one or two.  StriVectin-SD® is a huge 5 ounce container.

What does it do?
StriVectin-SD® gives you younger looking skin by diminishing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles, and improving visible discolorations, while hydrating your skin.  StriVectin improves  texture and tone of the skin, along a clinically proven timeline.

  • Week 2: Natural collagen resurging;  texture and resilience improving
  • Week 4: Natural cell turnover intensifying; visibly fading discolorations
  • Week 8:  Elasticity reinforcing, wrinkles and stretch marks visibly diminishing

How does it work?
The makers of StriVectin have supercharged the original Strivectin-SD® with four times more powerful peptides (collagen producers) and re-engineered the formula with a patented NIA-114™ technology, discovered in skin cancer research,  to help rebuild skin layers. NIA -114™ results are documented in multiple global patents and years of clinical studies.

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